Comfort Zone Creations For Women Veterans

12 Empowerment Strategies for Life Beyond the Military

Yes, Dr. Gay! I want strategies that…

- Creates MORE freedom to thrive and succeed in the marketplace,

- Have MORE freedom to get busy doing the things I love and

- Step into MORE freedom to clearly hear from God on who I truly am

Please send me “ Comfort Zone Creations For Women Veterans” book:

  • How to identify triggers causing you to react so that you align your thinking with God's thinking.

  • ​Understand what you want financially, mentally, and spiritually; and create a plan of attack to make it a reality.

  • ​Enjoy more freedom by setting boundaries in life.

  • Get the inside scoop on how to go from being silenced to equality and becoming a voice in the community.

  • ​Navigate past being invisible and trying to “find yourself”, so you finally become your authentic self living life on your own terms


Get the book bundle and receive an autographed copy of the book, plus get the “comfort zone” goodie box.

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