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Comfort Zone Creations, LLLP

Welcome to your comfort zone!

Mobile Ministry

God has equipped us with a wide range of spiritual gifts to assist in the five-fold ministry. From Bible study to prayer breakfast, keynote speaker to seminar and conference facilitation to sermons to problem-solutions to church-planting, this mobile team can assist you in ministry improvements. Please email us at [email protected] or call (706) 662-4368 for more information on sound Biblical teaching to be conducted in your church and for assistance in getting into your God-given comfort zone!

Prayer and Intercession

Build your ministry team to focus on the vision of prayer and intercession.


Breaking the cycle of conflicts and moving on to ministry and kingdom building using Scripture and our business and religion degrees to enhance your ministry.

Speaking Engagements

Bible Study, breakfast, conferences, and seminar facilitation that leads to soul-winning.